* The following By-Laws are established as a guide for operation of the Mossy Creek Cruzers Car Club Junior Division. These By-Laws are considered to be standard operating procedure for all Junior Division Meetings and Functions. While they may be altered from time to time, it shall take a majority vote of the entire membership to do so.

* The Mossy Creek Cruzers Car Club Junior Division was established with the cooperation of the Jefferson County Schools Administration, The Jefferson County Automotive Mechanical Classes and the Mossy Creek Cruzers Car Club. The School Representatives are Mr. Carl Crigger and Mr. Scott Noe who are the Mechanical Class Instructors. The idea for the formation of the club was presented to the School Administration in the summer of 2014 and the club was started in the 2014/2015 school year.

* Membership is open to all Jefferson County Students who show an interest in participating; however, after one year of membership the student must enroll in the Automotive Mechanical Class to maintain membership. Membership dues will be $5 per year.

* Academic requirements for membership are as follows: all members must maintain an overall "C" Average to remain in the club. Grade averages will be monitored by the School System Representative. Missing more than 3 meetings in a row will be subject to dismissal. The meeting will be held regularly and attended by the regular Mossy Creek Cruzers Members. During the summer months the Junior Division should make every effort to attend the regular meeting of the Mossy Creek Cruzers Car Club. Meetings of the Junior Division will be called to order by the Junior Division President and conducted in an orderly manner. Regular Mossy Creek Cruzers Car Club members will provide guidance as needed; however meetings and/or club events will be conducted by the Junior Division themselves.

* Elections will be held during the second month of each new school year. The following Officers shall be nominated and voted upon by membership: President/Vice-President/Secretary/Treasurer. Duties of each Officer will be discussed later in the By-Laws. The Junior Division will support and participate in the charity efforts of the Mossy Creek Cruzers Car Club. All Junior Division members will be welcome to attend the regular meetings of the Mossy Creek Cruzers, which is held the first Tuesday of each month at Shoney's in Dandridge at 7:00 pm.

Officers and Officer Duties

PRESIDENT: The President shall be elected to serve for 1 year terms during the October Meeting each year. The President's duties shall include but are not limited to the following:

A. The President shall preside over all regular and any called meetings of the Club.

B. The President shall ensure all meetings are conducted in accordance with Roberts Rules of Order.

C. The President shall have an agenda for each meeting and stick to that agenda as closely as possible.

D. As the moderator, the President shall call for a motion and second for all items brought before the club that requires a vote. The President shall then call for a vote with the majority voting carrying the motion. All matters which shall require expenditure of club funds must be voted on. As moderator, the President does not have a vote unless it is needed to break a tie vote.


VICE-PRESIDENT: The Vice President shall be elected to serve for a 1 year term during the regular club elections.

A. The Vice President shall carry out all Presidential duties during the absence of the President.

B. If for any reason the President cannot carry out his/her duties the Vice President shall assume the duties as President.

C. The Vice President shall perform such duties as the President shall decide.


SECRETARY: The Secretary shall be elected for a 1 year term during the regular club meetings. The secretary is directly responsible for all club records and newly elected secretaries shall ensure that all existing club records are received from the outgoing secretary. The Secretary is directly responsible for club membership records and shall ensure that all collected monies and/or dues are turned over to the Treasurer for deposit into the club accounts. The Secretary shall take the minutes and ensure copies of previous meetings are distributed to or read to members at club meetings. Minutes of all meetings must be approved by the majority vote to be conducted by the President.


TREASURER: The Treasurer shall serve a 1 year term and is elected during the regular club elections. The Treasurer is responsible for maintainingn all club financial records. The Treasurer shall make monthly reports to the membership as to the club's financial condition. This report shall contain all monies on deposit and disposition of any expenditures and all monies received during the previous month. Records shall be maintained and reported to the Mossy Creek Cruzers Car Club Treasurer as the parent organization for inclusion in their annual records. The Treasurers records shall be available to the Mossy Creek Treasuer as needed and/or requested. This shall be annually for inclusion in the parent club records.