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ARTICLE ONE: Name and Purpose

Section 1: Name
The name of this club shall be the Mossy Creek Cruzers Car Club (hereafter referred to as the Club).
Section 2: Purpose

The Club, operating in Jefferson County, TN, shall operate as a non-profit organization, to promote enthusiasm for classic/antique
cars and to promote good fellowship among members and other car enthusiasts. It is the intent of the Club to share the fellowship
of our community by donating to charities and families in need.

ARTICLE TWO: Membership
Section 1:
Membership in the Club shall be open to anyone with an interest in classic/antique cars. Membership shall consist as Primary
member and one (1) other person (husband/wife, significant other, or one family member in same household). The Club will not
discriminate concerning age, except a minimum age of 18 years old, sex, race, religion or national origin. If a member has previously
quit the club and then wants to rejoin, they must be voted back in by the membership at the next meeting.
Section 2:
A. All Club members are encouraged to attend and participate in all Club meetings and Club sponsored functions.
B. Charter Member
All active members who had paid their dues by the March meeting 2012. Charter members are those original members that organized
and started the Club and those who attended the first meeting.
Section 3: Dues
A. Dues are $20 per year for primary member plus the one they joined with. One Club T-Shirt will be given to the primary member,
at the time of joining and each time we get new Club shirts. Members can purchase additional shirts as needed.
B. Dues shall be increased by the membership as required. Dues shall be paid at the January meeting each year and should be
received no later than the end of March. Dues are non-refundable. The membership form and check for $20 can be mailed in to: Mossy Creek Cruzers Car Club, 562 North Hwy. 92, Jefferson City, TN 37760.
Section 1: The presiding Officer shall call the meeting to order. Monthly meetings will be held the first Tuesday of each month unless
otherwise changed by the membership. Roberts Rules of Order will be followed at the meetings which shall be as follows: Call to
Order, Welcome guests and new members, Secretary reading the previous months minutes, Treasury Report, Old Business, New Business (to include events, cruises, planning, etc.), then Adjournment. In our Club we start with Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.
Section 2: Notice of meetings. The Secretary will e-mail to each member stating the place, time, day, hour and purpose of any meeting
of the members. It will also be posted on the website.
Section 3: Guests at Club meetings must be sponsored by an active member, Officer, Director or Committee of the Club. Sponsors
must let the presiding Officer know of the visitors so they can be placed on the agenda before the main meeting begins.

Section 1: The membership shall nominate and elect from its body a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. An Officer
of this club must attend at least 9 of the meetings per year.
Section 2: The Board of Directors shall be nominated and elected by the membership, and shall consist of not less than three directors. The President of the Club shall be a member of the Board of Directors and all other committees.
Section 3: Nominations for Officers
Nominations will be from the membership present at the meeting by secret ballot. Nominations for Officers shall be held at the OCTOBER meeting and nominations closed after this meeting. The actual election of the nominated Officers will be held at the NOVEMBER meeting. Terms of Office shall be annual and there are no TERM LIMITS. If there is only one person nominated for an office, a secret ballot will be taken in November to determine the new Officer. Newly elected Officers shall assume their duties at the JANUARY meeting and shall serve from January through December. Vacancies in any Office, does not constitute moving an Officer up, but shall be filled by nomination and vote from the membership at the next regular meeting. Such newly elected person will serve the duration of the original term.

Section 4: Voting
In order to maintain simplicity all club actions requiring a vote of the membership shall be by majority of those present at the Club
monthly meetings.

Section 5: Election of Officers (unless only one is nominated, then a show of hands is sufficient), amendments to the By-Laws and
any other vote deemed significant by the Officers, will be accomplished by Secret Ballot or a show of hands. After the vote and once
collected, Ballots shall be counted by one Officer, one Board of Director member and one random member that is present at the
meeting. If it is a Minor vote it can be achieved by a show of hands. Ballots are not always necessary.
Section 6: The members shall nominate and elect a Car Show Director, Charity Coordinator, Newsletter Editor, Membership Coordinator, and a Chaplain, as well as the Board of Directors. This should occur as soon as possible in the new year, preferably January.

Section 7: Finances  $300 shall be allotted annually to each officer for reimbursement of cost of Club related activities. Receipts and documentation of use of funds must be presented to the Treasurer. Any cost by a member shall be pre-approved by the membership.


ARTICLE FIVE: Duties of Officers and Directors/Coordinators
Section 1: Duties of the President; The President shall be the Chief Executive of the Club. He/She shall preside over all meetings,
act on all committees, and be present at the Board of Directors meeting. He/She shall delegate and assign jobs to officers and members. He/She shall also maintain order during the meetings and any activities that arise within our Club.
Section 2: Duties of the Vice-President; The Vice President assists the President in all Club activities and events, filling in when
the President can not be present. He/She is also responsible for selecting and recommending events and road trips for Club participation. They shall prepare routes, reservations, and member registration if necessary. Such events include: picnics, parades, cruise-ins, cruises to specific destinations, Christmas parties and other Club functions. These activities will then be brought before the membership at monthly meetings. Suggestions on activities rom members can be given to the Vice-President.
Section 3: Duties of the Secretary; The Secretary is responsible for recording and maintaining the minutes of all business meetings
held by the club. These minutes are reported to club members monthly and read at the next meeting. The minutes shall be submitted
to the Newsletter Editor by the Saturday following the monthly meeting for inclusion in the newsletter.
Section 4: Duties of the Treasurer; The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining the finances of the club, keeping appropriate
records as required by the State of Tennessee and our non-profit status. A report shall be given at each meeting. He/She shall make
all payments of club debts upon approval of the club membership. All contracts, checks, drafts, or other payments of the money
should be signed in the name of the Club by the Treasurer. The President and the Vice-President shall have their signatures on the bank account.
Section 5: Duties of the Newsletter Editor; The Newsletter Editor shall be responsible for writing, editing and maintaining a Newsletter
monthly for the club and emailing it to members and other clubs. The Secretary shall submit the minutes to the Editor for publishing
by the Saturday after the monthly meeting. The Editor also assumes the Public Relations responsibilities by posting events in the
local newspapers and TV/Radio media.
Section 6: Duties of the Car Show Director/Coordinator; This individual organizes a committee to conduct an annual car show
sponsored by the Club. The position requires commitment to the Club through promotion, advertisement, participant involvement and
public relations. The committee should have members working together to achieve one goal. Door prizes or Advertisements can be
solicited by any member but then turned in to the Director.

Section 7: Duties of the Charities Coordinator; They are to organize a committee to oversee all aspects of the Club's charity efforts. This includes receiving and screening charity requests, recommending those seen suitable to bring to the membership for a vote. When a family is in need, they shall find out the details and how we can help. All recommendations for charities and donations shall be brought before the membership at a monthly meeting and voted on.

Section 8: Budget Director; The Budget Director defines where the Club's money will be spent and how much to each activity, cruise-in, charity, car shows, etc. He/She will bring the budget before the membership for approval. If changes are needed during the year, the Director can revise the budget.


Section 9: Duties of the Membership Coordinator; This position is responsible for collecting dues, promoting membership and working with the community as a Club representative. They must maintain a membership roll of all active members. Membership to be renewed annually for inclusion in Club activities.


Section 10: Duties of the Board of Director; The Board of Directors have the responsibility to oversee and recommend changes to the operation of the Club. They may meet as they see it to discuss and recommend changes as needed. Revisions must be brought to the Officers, who will look over the revisions for any suggestions, they will then bring those recommendations to the members to vote. The President must be present at all Board of Directors meetings. The previous President or Vice-President will serve as a Board of Directors member. If the President can not attend, the Vice-President shall fill in.


Section 11: Duties of the Chaplain;  The Chaplain leads the meetings in prayer. They check on member's health and family situations; sending flowers/cards or appropriate condolences.


DISBANDMENT OF CLUB: If the Club dissolves or ceases to exist, all monies in the Club treasury shall be donated to a charity or charities at the direction of the remaining members after 90 days and after all debts of the Club are paid.


REVISED: September 2018.